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Dont find your ex on Facebook
Is it a good idea looking up old girlfriends on Facebook or Myspace?

Looking her up turned out to be one of the worst ideas that I could have possibly considered. Let me first let you know that I am happily in a relationship at the moment with a wonderful girl that makes me very happy. I didn't want to look up my old ex girlfriend to start a romantic relationship with her.

My ex was my best friend all through school.

Knowing her this long gave us both great insight on each others lives and I had wanted to contact her to catch up for a very long time. The story begins when I took the plunge and sent her a message on her Facebook account. At first, it was great we caught up on old times and exchange contact information of
friends that we both shared, that we haven't seen in a while.

About 3 weeks after contacting her through email, things turned strange. I started noticing that she was driving by my home at all hours of the night!

She knew of my current situation and that I was very happy with my girlfriend. My girlfriend started to get a bit worried about this girl constantly driving around our home. She then started not only driving by our house all the time but calling several times a night as well. I finally had to ask her to quit calling me.

I finally had to tell her that I didn't want any contact with her. She responded in a very strange rant, stating that she still loved me and that I never gave her a real chance when we dated 10 years ago. Even after my request she still continued to contact me by email and phone. I eventually had to receive a retraining order on her. The whole situation put a heavy
strain on my relationship with my current girlfriend

The threat of police action against her seemed to work and she quit contacting me altogether. The strain of this whole situation was apparent in my relationship with my current girlfriend and taught me a very good life lesson. I was forced to remove any and all of my contact information from the Internet. I guess I will stick with staying with the friends that I have .

Experienced Matchmakers Offer Help With Successful Romantic Relationships

Single women and men have no excuses when it comes to finding true love! Have you been visiting the bars, trolling the usual “hotpots,” or tagging along with your buddies and their dates, all in hopes of finding that special someone? Or, perhaps you have tried the latest craze of internet dating. Ladies, internet dating can be dangerous. Who knows who you are really talking to! The man on the other side of your cyberspace conversation may not be employed, may not own his own car, and may not be good looking. He could be feeding you lies. Even worse, he could have criminal intentions. Men, do you really want to tell your children someday that you met your mom in a chat room? How romantic is that? Are you fed up with all of these dead-ends? Well, there is a better way to meet other quality singles! Using an experienced matchmaker will help you find the mate of your dreams. They know how to match you with other quality singles based on different characteristics and interests. Even if you think that you don’t need the help of an experienced matchmaker, consider this: do you have time in your busy day to spend the amount of time it takes to find someone who is truly compatible? Well, an experienced matchmaker does! Instead of wasting all of your precious time sifting through worthless pictures on online dating sites, try giving an experienced matchmaker honest details about what makes you unique and what you want in a soul mate. The matchmaker will do the work for you. And just how does an experienced matchmaker excel in finding you a suitable mate, when you have failed all of this time? It’s easy. They know what you can honestly offer to a successful romantic relationship. Sure, you might think that you are a good listener, but an experienced matchmaker can interview you to determine your true personality. They can objectively determine that since you are a chatter-box, you are more likely to be compatible with a reserved mate than with an outgoing person. Unlike a wing-man, who is often too close to offer constructive criticism, an experienced matchmaker will objectively view your situation and find that special someone who perfectly complements your true personality to make a “whole” couple. Don’t you want someone like an experienced matchmaker on your side of the ruthless dating scene?

The art of flirting in Perfected Relationships

The art of flirting will always give you the chance to try something you can enjoy, while the things you believe in romance might be at your fingertips. The way you look at flirting should not affect your approach to meeting singles you might be interested in. The fact is you need to remember that flirting is an art, and the way it takes place calls for some practice if it will ever change for the better.

When you have been enjoying the things you believe in such as seduction, you might not take them as you deserve. The way females approach the art of flirting somehow make them so experienced that one cannot fail but notice the way they make great strides in flirting. They are the most experienced most likely, because their skills in the art of seduction are very high. In fact, men have nothing to say when females are seducing them, but only to follow them and obey
their disposal.

If a woman decides to let a man have no choice in a flirting game, the man will lose and fall for the woman just like that. It is in the way they approach the art of flirting that make them so hot and irresistible. A female who is seducing a man is irresistible and if the man can reciprocate as desired, the feeling created is one that will occasion great flirting games. The skills of flirting will always come handy when you realize you need to get romantic with a person.

Nothing happens if you cannot let the mutual feeling linger between you and a person during flirting. There is certainly a lot to learn when you have decided to flirt, more so, when you have not been doing what is right in the art of seduction. The more you find the art of flirting something you can try to perfect, the better your relationships when you open your mouth. It will not matter whether you are approaching a person for some flirty comments, sex, or even long-
term relationship.

It is all in the way you flirt with a person, while your goal in the flirting exercises will always affect the art of flirting. There are many things to what you believe, and if flirting with a person for the sake of a relationship is one, it is important to perfect it. You will always find a person with whom you can enjoy the things you do in life, as you find the exact things you should try when you are practicing the art of flirting.

The art and skills of flirting and seduction are usually perfected by learning secrets, tips and guidelines, as you put them pragmatically into the test. Without practically trying them and perfecting each one as you learn, there is nothing like learning how to perfect them. The art of flirting will always be with you every time you seduce a person, provided you have the
art and skills.

Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest ProjectFree matchmaking services for singles Shows How The Power Of Online Dating Can Be Harnessed Internationally and With Great Success, Or You Could Post Your Valued Comments On His Blog At Art of Flirting

The Essence of Wife Flirts

In flirting, there are many dimensions. You are bound to find distinct ways of going about the whole episode of flirting and desired seduction. In all the flirting there can be, wife flirts give the most satisfaction for those individuals who try it. It has the knack to make them enjoy their lives as they make the necessary adjustments to the way they should go about the ways of seduction.

Sometimes making your wife feel good and loved is all there is to love. There is nothing that beats flirting with your wife as you seduce her into feeling good and enjoying the momentous flirting that makes her feel so loved and happy. When you have been in love for
long, there might come a time when the whole thing starts to wane, since human adoration does.

It is the way you raise again that ignites the fire that all is accomplished. Wife flirts are generally the initial way of letting yourself gain the right momentum in the way of seducing that beautiful and important woman of your life. It is very important to enjoy the things that make your life gain the necessary fire that was there at the beginning. Flirting with your wife perhaps is the most superb way of flirting that will forever change the way you live.

The more you determine what you want in life the more you enjoy the truth of where the essence of love lies. There is nothing like flirting and seducing a person you like and it is what gives wife flirts so much credibility. Life brings so many things to people to trust in the things they do, and when it comes
to love, it is where all the necessary sacrifices should be channeled.

Life has a way of letting a person begin to live his or her life in a way that makes sense to them, and in relationships, you should find the essence of your union and where you might be heading. Wife flirts give you a chance to sentimentally make the female of your dreams enjoy the best you have to offer in the world of seduction. If you love her, it is important to learn the necessity of seduction and find the ways of letting yourself enjoy everything romance brings your way.

When you have found the kind of person who makes your life to go places, there is nothing that you cannot do for them. You feel that you are ready to go to the deepest point of the well for them or climb the
highest impediment just to make her feel good.

Wife flirts should take the way of complimenting and making her feel good, so that she can thank God for bringing you on her path. If you make her feel good, you also enjoy the feeling, since it is mutual. She will also be ready to go as far as you can go to make sure you do not regret loving her.

Free Dating Portals to Find Your True Love
In the recent times, it has become quite a trend for people to go online in order to find a suitable match for them. This has led to the opening up of a number of online dating as well as online matrimony sites offering the choice of choosing the right kind of partner for themselves to people. There are a lot of people who find their true love on their own. However, a considerable lot of them are not able to strike the perfect match and are left alone to spend the rest of their lives in misery. With the advent of such online dating and matrimony sites, deserving Singles for marriage can successfully find their counterparts.

The business of online dating and matrimony has been on a constant rise in the near past. In fact, if statistics are to be computed, USA is said to be the highest ranking country in the world with over a couple of thousand hits to online dating and matrimony sites everyday. Free Online USA Dating sites offer people the opportunity to make a special profile highlighting their features, upload their photos, chat with prospective men and women and exchange personal information with them. This has number of advantages too. Since you are not meeting the person in a one on one tête-à-tête, you can be relieved of
a in your face rejection kind of thing.

Other countries also come to the fore when it comes to listing out the statistics to the number of people looking for their love on the net. In fact, India is ahead of all the countries in the number of matrimony or marriage portals here. Arab countries like Dubai are also not far behind. There are a number of Arab Singles who are on the constant lookout for their better half.

How to attract your perfect mate!
How to Find your perfect mate using a thousand year old method.

In China and India they have been using this system for thousands of years with great success.

We have been using it in our workshops for over twenty years and have testimonials from couples that have been together as a result of our forty day “ law of attraction” workshops.

It is simple when you understand that we are all vibrating at a certain cycle based on our date of birth, and certain signs vibrate in harmony while others are “out of synch.”

How to attract your perfect mate
( Twin Flame soul mate )

Some people connect right away.

Have you experienced an instant like or dislike when meeting someone
for which there is no rational reason…… had you learned the birthdates of that person you may have
discovered why.

If you start tracking birthdates, you will begin to understand that the vibrations are causing this phenomena.

Here is what is happening….

Earth signs are slow energy ( Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

People with some knowledge of the Zodiac ( astrology ) have a real advantage when it comes to meeting compatible mates for the simple reason that we are classified by a “sign” that tells a whole lot about our personality.

Only 12 category / types of people

Do you realize there are only twelve different signs in the zodiac so it is not hard to learn a few facts about each sign. In fact, the easiest way to learn is to keep track of your family, friends and associates
by sign, then before long you will know the eager beavers from the procrastinators.

Know the people who want everything “yesterday” ( Instant) versus the ones who have to plan ahead a few months, and those who never have a clean desk and are always behind in their work and plans.

You can even know the people who are always late for appointments (Pisces) so you can set a date an hour early knowing they will be an hour late and be just on time for your timeframe.

There are Big spenders who always want to have the latest product regardless of price, ( Leos and Gemini’s ) then there are others who are frugal and want the lowest price you can find. (Virgos)

Use this information to your advantage.

Many sales positions such as insurance, mortgages, car finance and such are based on the age of the client and the one of the first pieces of information is their birth date, which means you have the “sign”
right off the bat.

This is like having a prospect tell you what their “hot buttons” to sell them are at your disposal.

If you already know that this sign is impetuous and a free spender who accumulates stuff without concern about a budget, and wants everything right away, you can start writing the order by assuming the “close” rightly. Your strategy will be
cutting to the bottom line, saving this person the aggravation of a long sales pitch which they don’t like.

Another sign ( Taurus ) wants all the details and goes ahead very quickly once they know that you know your stuff. But with this type don’t skip anything or you will lose the sale.

A certain “fire” sign ( Aries ) considers serious arguing as their form of communication. Don’t mix them with the wrong sign.

Are you beginning to get the picture that you can know a person buying habits based on some features of their character. You might be wondering how accurate this information really is and how you can become proficient at spotting these traits.

It is our purpose to keep it simple and teach you,

We will show you how to recognize the 12 types.

They give you the signals for getting along with them.

We have used this method for at least twenty years in…..

Health and life insurance sales over the phone as well as face
to face.
Recruiting sales agents.
Multi level marketing
Real estate sales
Franchise sales
Car Sales
Match Making

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